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With the number of pronounceable 4 letter domains being taken up daily, these names are becoming harder and harder for companies to find. Often you will see 4 letter domains represented with C's and V's. These stand for "Consonant" and "Vowel." The rarest ones have the common pronounceable structure, "CVCV" and "VCVC." Some domain marketplaces list these names in the hundreds of thousands of dollars because of their scarcity.

Four Letter Domains Stand Out...

The odds are that most of your competitors are using lengthy names, a few smart ones perhaps using a short, brandable name. Most of the available 4 letter domains available are non-english words, invented and new. While many companies wisely choose a brandable name for their company.

Easy to Market...

The shorter the name the fewer letters your clients will have to remember. A company must always clearly and concisely communicate its product or service, and that includes quickly getting its name across. Names like "Sedo" and "eBay" work so well because of their brevity. 4 letter company names are easy to market and communicate. The work is done for you because the name is so short and simple that it is virtually impossible to forget. Just get it through once and your job is complete.

Fast, Responsive and Easy to Use

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